We are growing our team and looking for new members of staff to join us at our lovely Chelsea location. Please only apply if you are a good team player and peruse excellence in your profession.

We provide this opportunity on the basis of employment contract and would like to employ people who understand responsibilities and commitment required for such engagement.

You can apply for the following roles.

Apply at our Hair Department

Whether you are a Stylist, Color Technician or All-rounder you are welcome to apply. You have to possess strong professional skills and have a proven record of hairdressing experience of at least five to seven years. 

Apply at our Nail Department

Experienced Nail Technicians are welcome to apply for an interview.

Front of House

An excellent opportunity for an experienced Front of House is currently available on part time and full time basis. 


Please send your CV in an email to info@vinokurov.co.uk or apply below

Apply for a vacancy at Vinokurov Studio London